At K.D. Stahl Construction our mission is to provide professional construction services that instills a lasting and successful partnership with our clients.  We believe the most important step to establishing a lasting relationship is client communication. With integrity, honesty, and uncompromising ethical standards we strive to make a difference in our field of work.  We strive to speak with a voice of character which brings honor to God and the services we provide. 

Team Approach

At K.D. Stahl Construction we recognize that from pre-construction to close-out, a team approach is the most effective way to meet the client’s needs and execute project goals and objectives. In addition, we are pleased to bring a full array of contracting services to the team, including, but not limited to, estimating and project management. We pride ourselves on acting as a team member to help consultants and engineers successfully complete a project.


At K.D. Stahl, we understand the importance of the schedule in achieving the client’s goals in relation to time and cost. We make an extra effort to review the project’s critical path schedule with the client and the project team to ensure critical dates are met and updated as necessary. Additionally, we include a two-week look ahead on the schedule, allowing the subcontractors to schedule their work, and the coordination of materials.



We feel that project meetings are the most effective way to ensure clear communication and project coordination within the entire team. Frequent meetings at various levels, including detailed meeting minutes and logs, help to facilitate communication and the quick resolution of outstanding issues.

At K.D. Stahl, important communication involves weekly owners meetings with the design team as well as weekly project, subcontractor, and safety meetings. At each meeting, the various logs will be reviewed and updated by the project team. This approach allows for complete flow of information to the entire project team and helps to ensure a successful project completion.


For more information or questions regarding a potential contracting project, contact K.D. Stahl Construction Group.