UCSD Pub Extension

K.D. Stahl Construction Group Inc. - UCSD Pub and Venue Renovation Construction project

Located at:
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093

Scope of Work:

The pub side will encompass demolition of existing walls, flooring, kitchen equipment, light fixtures and associated infrastructure. The new work for the pub is to prepare the space as a warm shell including mechanical, electrical, plumbing work, for a future vendor build-out. New walls, doors (interior and exterior), and new exterior patio areas with low retaining walls, metal gate and guardrails for dining will be constructed as part of this work. Demolition of existing bay window and walls to make the front elevation more transparent by use of two aluminum and glass fold-up doors. A new steel awning sunshade over the two fold-up doors. 

The stage venue will be a full upgrade and renovation to the space for the University to run as a separate occupant. The interior demolition consists of removing walls, concrete ramp and stairs, light fixtures, floors, flooring and other related infrastructure. The new work consists of creating a new concrete path from the main campus walkway, accessible ramps and stairs. A new storage room will be added in the center of the building with access of the shared corridor. The new interior work will provide flooring, accessible ramp, doors, windows, and associated infrastructure. The existing light fixtures will be replaced with LED light fixtures. The existing men's and women's restrooms, which will be shared by both venues, will be upgraded to current ADA standards where applicable. A new patio bar space with fold-up aluminum and glass doors will be constructed attaching to the east elevation. 

K.D. Stahl Construction Group Inc. - UCSD Pub and Venue Renovation Construction project