K.D. Stahl Construction Progress Update: cCare Nordahl Medical Centre Tenant Improvement / by Sean Stahl

With the tenant improvement complete, we have turned over the building to our client and they are now seeing patients. 


838 Nordahl Road, Suite 300
San Marcos, Ca 92069


Nordahl Medical Centre Inc. 

Space Planner

HVAC Design
Harrington Mechanical Design Inc.

Electrical Design
Nutter Electrical Design Inc.

Project Manager
Bob Turner | bobt@kdstahl.com

Bob Broadburst | robertb@kdstahl.com

Scope of work:

14,000 sf Cancer Care Medical Facility, featuring, dr. offices, exam rooms, infusion bays, compounding pharmacy and a PET/CT scanner.


April 19th, 2017

There is a lot happening at the cCare Nordahl Medical Centre. Framing is complete, Drywall is hung and being taped and hot coated while some sections are in the finished coat phase. We currently have Greater San Diego Air Conditioning  on site installing all the HVAC systems, some of which is the AAON system for the future pharmacy. 

 renovation construction

We have just begun the cCare tenant Improvement at Nordahl Medical Centre. Framing is underway, here are a few photos of the detailed framing going in right now.   


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Update 01/27/17