K.D. Stahl Construction Project Update: UCSD Pub and Event Space Renovation / by Sean Stahl


A lot is changing at the UCSD Pub and Event Space as we push toward our completion date. below are a few images and notes on the current status of the project


The interior concrete ADA ramp and infills are poured and finished. All the interior walls are framed to the new floor plan. All mechanical, electrical and plumbing is installed. 


The interior and exterior demo is complete and the new openings for the entrance are framed. There will be two roll up doors in the main entrance which will give the new pub an open environment for the students. 


The new entrance to the concert venue is one of the biggest transformations on site thus far. The concrete walls and seats are poured and are now ready for the steps and CMU wall to be built on the upper section of the ramp. The exterior bar slab is poured and structure has been framed, sheeted, wrapped and ready for roofing.

Thanks for keeping updated on our progress at the UCSD Pub & Event Space, We will be updating you as the projects moves along...