K.D. Stahl Construction Group Inc - Saint Therese Parish Restoration Construction Project / by Sean Stahl

The Saint Therese Parish Restoration is complete. See scope below for more information on the restorations made for this Cathedral.


6016 Camino Rico
San Diego, Ca 92120

K.D. Stahl Construction Group Inc. - Saint Therese Parish Restoration Construction Project

Scope of Work:

Scope A. Renovate existing bell tower built in 1957 by removing the existing exterior plaster skin and ornamentation. Repair damaged framing and waterproof the structure with a self-sealing type waterproof membrane prior to applying the new lath and plaster system . All ornamentation will be replicated in foam. Tile dome will be rehabilitated in place.

The existing church tiled roof will be removed so the substrate can be repaired and receive a new self-sealing waterproof membrane prior to reinstalling the existing roof tiles. The interior TPO roofs inside the tower will be replaced as well. All existing gutters and downspouts will be replicated and replaced to match existing.

Scope B. The existing arcades between the church and the office have sustained flood damage thru the years, to remedy this the existing storm drain system will be rebuilt and adjacent grades adjusted to keep storm water from entering the arcade . The existing Spanish tile flooring will be salvaged. Columns will be stripped and repaired where water damage has occurred. The existing concrete substrate will be removed to allow for the new storm drains and replaced with Paver stones. The salvaged Spanish tiles will be applied as decorative base to the existing columns in the arcade.

K.D. Stahl Construction Group Inc. - Saint Therese Parish Restoration Construction Project

We had to remove the original bell tower due to the structure failing. We reframed the structural support for the dome and restored the tile and cross to its original design from 1957. 

We removed the tower to rebuild its failing structure and retile the dome before setting it back on. #kdstahlprojectupdate